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With the modification of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive on 20 May 2016, many retailers are wondering what the changes mean for their business.

The changes to the directive are significant for the e-liquids and e-cigarettes market with strong implications for retailers.

Under the new rules, ingredients must be of high purity and e-cigarettes must deliver consistent nicotine levels with each puff. Maximum nicotine concentrations have been set along with maximum volumes for cartridges, tanks and nicotine liquid containers. All ingredients must be listed on packaging and health warnings are now mandatory.

In addition to meeting the new standards for safety, quality and packaging, manufacturers must notify national authorities before placing new products on the market. Annual reports must be submitted and advertising rules complied with. The Directive offers a transitional period to give companies time to adapt to the new legislation.

As a retailer, your products must meet the requirements of the new rules, otherwise your business is at risk.

Okono has decades of experience in compliance and reporting. All of our products satisfy the quality and safety standards of the new requirements. You are welcome to contact us to learn more about how we can help you meet the new regulations.

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