The know-how and capabilities to move your business ahead

Regulatory compliance and documentation

With decades of experience in compliance and documentation, we are uniquely positioned and have strong capabilities to support our customers in a range of ways. From simply supplying you with compliant products to providing you with the data and information you need to navigate the compliance process.

We can help ensure your business meets the regulations for compliance now and long into the future.

Our production facilities are cGMP certified and approved by the Danish Health & Medicines Authority. We have a full QM-System with Analysis and Release procedures in place and we do stability studies according to ICH guidelines.

Our base e-liquids are made solely with pharmaceutical grade ingredients certified under current pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).

E-liquid research
Microscope With Gel Lighting

Product development – from innovation to delivery

At Okono A/S we have the capabilities to partner with you on the development of e-liquids and e-cigarettes, under your own brand name or using one of our existing trademarks. According to your needs, we can support you in a part of the process or every step of the way. Our B2B full service model includes:

  • Market and consumer understanding
  • Value chain, price and target costing
  • Legal requirements, claims and labelling
  • Regulatory compliance and documentation
  • Supply chain production and shipping
  • Quality control and delivery
  • Packaging and design

R&D and product innovation

Through our affiliation to the Bagger-Sørensen Group, we have access to state of the art pharmaceutical production facilities and R&D center. The facilities are affiliated with Fertin Pharma, a world leader in medicated chewing gum such as nicotine gum.

E-liquid testing
Research and development e-liquid

Flavor development

Combining nicotine and flavoring in e-liquids is both a science and an art. We collaborate with some of the world’s leading flavor houses to create great-tasting flavors ranging from simple one note flavors to complex and unusual blends.

We base our flavors on in-depth understanding of consumer preferences and insight into changing market trends. We can also work with you to develop delicious high quality flavors that your customers will enjoy.